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Does your child show exceptional ability, exceed grade level standards in reading and math and have a strong motivation to excel? If yes, then he or she is a perfect candidate for your state school district’s gifted and talented program.

Many school districts require students to score in the 99th percentile on both the abilities and achievement tests. From our experience, we’ve seen truly exceptional children lose out the opportunity to make it into the gifted program because of lack of proper practice.

If you are reading on, it’s because you know that your child is gifted – however scoring at the 99th percentile takes a little more than just being gifted – it needs practice until perfection! At Prep99, we provide over 100s of practice questions and full tests with explanations on how to approach the questions. We cover all the different categories of questions included in the CogAt and ITBS tests so that no child prepped at Prep99 will be taken by surprise on the test day.

Our tests are kid-friendly and have been approved by kids! They are very easy to use and work across a range of devices including iPads, Surfaces, Android Tablets, PCs, Macs, and smartphones.