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What is the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT)?

The Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test™ (IAAT) provides educators with a valid and reliable measure of algebra readiness designed and developed to NCTM standards. The test is divided into 4 parts. Each part consists of 15 questions with 10 minutes allotted per section. Below is a brief description of the test taken from the publisher’s(HMH) website.… Read More »

What is the Iowa Test?

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (also called the ITBS) tests the child’s expertise in the areas of math and reading. Below is a brief description of the tests included within the Iowa test: Vocabulary The Vocabulary test measures reading vocabulary. For each question, a  pictorial or written stimulus is followed by a set of written… Read More »

What is the CogAT Test?

The CogAT Form 7 published by Riverside Publishing has three separate test batteries – the Verbal battery, the Nonverbal battery, and the Quantitive battery. Each battery has three subtest categories: each subtest has 18 questions except for paper folding, which has 14 questions. Below is a description from their website. Verbal Battery The Verbal Battery… Read More »

Importance of Practicing for the CogAT

Research by Dr. Lohman from the University of Iowa and others has shown that young children sometimes do not fully understand what they are supposed to do on tests, especially when tasks are unfamiliar and test directions are brief. Unsurprisingly, teacher-led practice can increase the validity and stability of the scores that children obtain on… Read More »