CogAT Test Practice

Is your child ready for CogAT?

Dear Parent,

As you are aware, getting into the gifted program is hard, particularly in a highly competitive school district such as yours. The gifted program gives your child a leg up in their early education, provides them with peers who value education, and exposes your child to a unique and valuable learning experience.

You know your child is smart, but getting into the gifted program requires practice. Your child needs to hone his or her skills at test taking, understand the basic rules for answering questions correctly and within the time limit, and develop the attention span needed to succeed in the exam.

At we provide online test material that can help your child get this practice. Our tests follow the same format and aim towards having the same level of quality as official tests from Riverside publication. The CogAT® exam consists of three batteries, with three sub-tests in each battery. You can sign up to take sample mini-tests in each category. Once you are satisfied, you can also purchase individual full-length sub-tests (see our website for details).

Each test can be taken online by your child as many times as you want. You also get feedback on performance results at the end of each test, and hints that help you and your child understand how to make the correct choice in the presence of ambiguous answer alternatives (these occur frequently!).

So, what are you waiting for? The cognitive abilities (CogAT) test for your child is just around the corner. Head over to and launch your child towards success!