Importance of Practicing for the CogAT

By | August 21, 2013

Research by Dr. Lohman from the University of Iowa and others has shown that young children sometimes do not fully understand what they are supposed to do on
tests, especially when tasks are unfamiliar and test directions are brief. Unsurprisingly, teacher-led practice can increase the validity and stability of the scores that children obtain on the tests. Practice materials can be downloaded and reviewed with students before the test. Parents and teachers who take the time to use these materials can help ensure that all students understand what they are supposed to do. This helps level the playing field.

Proper use of the practice materials can also help children acquire thinking strategies that can assist them in other domains, especially if they are encouraged to notice the similarities between the test tasks and other school tasks. CogAT scores predict success in school because they require the same kinds of reasoning abilities that school-learning tasks require. Improving one improves the other. Finally, since CogAT is an important component of gifted programs, you can expect a greater chance of the student getting into a highly rated gifted program and ensure that the child is surrounded by high-quality academically-oriented peers, better homework and class material, and good teachers that understand the needs of and know how to challenge bright students in order to help them succeed later in life.